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Hard-/ Software
We offer you reliable hard and software with a minimum 3 year guarantee.

Our power spectrum leaves nothing to be desired. All the components that we use have proven reliability. An excerpt from our portfolio:
Microsoft Server
Workstations, Notebooks
Racks, KVM and cabels
Peripherie and backupsystems
Router, VPN and securityequipment
 and everything for your Point of Sale
POS Systems, ticket printers, hand scanners, table scanners, built-in scanners, mobile terminals
In the software sector we can offer you attractive licence solutions, and for our entire portfolio we have financing opportunities and leasing available for you to take advantage of.

And with us everything is genuine - it's the only way:

With original-Microsoft® software you get access to the latest updates and protection against the risks and problems associated with counterfeit software, so that your system operates at its best all the time.
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