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You're looking for a perfectly functioning IT performance that fits exactly to your requirements?
The cost has to be fixed, and in reasonable proportion to your usage over the next few years?
We've got the solution for you:
Let us be your IT Department!
You will receive all our current know-how, prompt availability and a guarantee of functionality at a fixed price. We take regular care of your network so that it always works optimally and is protected against attack and failure.
Get in touch with us now so that we can assess your current situation. We summarise the strengths and weaknesses of your current system and offer you solutions and improvements.
We are also more than happy to plan a completely new network system for you.
A network that offers you efficiency into the future and protects you against incalculable investment in your IT system.

InfoTech by DCS   |   Hubert-Bollig-Str. 61   |   45141 Essen   |   Phone: +49 201 / 7 20 30 00   |   Fax: +49 201 / 3 16 61 27   |   E-Mail: info@infotech-by-dcs.de